• Android Phones – How to Get Started

    Have you just purchased an Android phone, but discovering it a bit tricky to utilize? Follow these tips to be able to get started with your android operated phone now.

    Getting Started:

    Before you set about utilizing your Android device for the first time you will have to build a Google account. The account will bring you started and permit someone to download apps with the Android Market through Google Checkout and pay for the apps using the account.

    When one enters your Gmail address into your phone, additionally, it pulls contact information through your address book, and that means you will be ready start emailing people out of your Android phone in the word go.

    Security Options and Pattern recognition

    For security reasons all Smartphones are pin enabled to unlock your screen one which just make use of phone. Including the iPhone requires a 4-digit PIN style number to unlock the product, Android phones have the identical system but it’s a three by three grid of dots as opposed to a numerical pad. To unlock your phone, it’s important to connect four from the dots along with your finger. Find settings’ on your menu screen and click require pattern’ to activate this function.

    Getting started while using menu

    The main menu includes three and up home screens onto which you could drag and drop shortcuts originating from a larger sub-menu. It is critical that you are able to get into your contacts and the numeric keypad for dialling and messaging for emails and texts, that’s the spot that the shortcuts can be found in useful. It’s advocated you may have these things within the central main page, which is web site you might visit once you turn your phone on.

    Barnes Noble lands Nook applications on Android

    Barnes Noble has released Android version of e-book reader Nook(based Android device, natch) on the market. This application is comparable to the functionality of Amazon Kindle and it’s with a complimentary sample segments of books. There are additional than 500,000 free books, and things to look for free eBook preview.
    Probably the best interesting feature may be the ability to Nook borrow your book corner for other users. This is actually the function along with the Kindle won’t really provide a feeling of ownership of real books in stock you could borrow an associate.
    app is free and currently available for download on Android Market. QR code and download links are looking for the break, click on the hyperlink to the foundation of your blog post.[ BusinessWire ]

    Via: Barnes Noble lands Nook applications on Android
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